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Click On School Link Below for Order Page

We now have a new system for ordering photos.  As of Spring 2024, all orders will be made on a view first system, meaning, you order once you view your photos.  No more prepay or buy before you view.  You can now have flexibility to order any package and some packages allow multiple pose options.  You have choices of backgrounds and adding texts to your photos that are knocked out.  We hope you enjoy the new system and flexibility we have invested in for our customers.  All Senior banners will still be created in house and delivered to the school, along with any custom items I create such as tumblers, bags, socks, shirts...etc.
We are excited to be able to provide a quicker delivery experience both to view and receiving your orders, as we typically have all photos up now in minutes to just hours depending on size of group.  24 hours is our goal now to have all photos online.  I will add your QR code/link here in case your child did not share links to view, or gave us misspelled emails and phone numbers.

***Please note that the new system is a tiered system.  The lowest price is available for the first week to purchase-starting when I release your gallery.  It then goes up on the 8th day, and then it goes up on the 15th day and stays that price for a year.  It is important that parents register their child in advance to ensure you receive emails and texts notifying you they are available to take advantage of the lowest prices.  The kids can register at the shoot with the QR code, however, we have seen that they put in incorrect information and some parents don't receive their links to their kids pictures.  I am adding the links now to this page as a back up.

SHOOT DATE 2/17/24 

SHOOT DATE 4/20/24

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