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Our Story...

Meet Jeremy and Melanie – Married over 20 years, Jeremy began Jeremy Fink Photography in 2009, and his wife had been behind the scenes quietly working on photos with him.  They wanted to morph all their ideas and expertise together to provide an even better experience for their clients.  Starting out doing just about anything, Jeremy and Melanie have found over the past few years that their passion is capturing the joy of children and families in memories that will last a lifetime.  They wanted to provide affordable yet high quality photography for the local community.  They want their name to exhibit the fun that is experienced at each session, and share their art and images with the world.  While we have gone through a couple name changes we are still the same two people behind the magic.  Where Melanie specializes in headshots, portraits and pageant photography, Jeremy has a gift with children during on location shoots that is like no other.  Together we are dynamic team.

 Welcome to our studio and our love. We are here to capture your memories on location of your choice.


Melanie & Jeremy Fink
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